This course contains all of the SP-103 content as well as a significant portion of Wildland Fire Management content. This is a practical course that teaches the student basic skills and knowledge that will allow safe working on the fireline.


The SP-103 Course includes all of the content prescribed by Ontario Fire Marshal, the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs and the Ministry of Natural Resources to meet the standard required by fire departments for wildland firefighting.

Note: The course does not provide qualification for employment by the Ministry of Natural Resources on a Fire Ranger Crew.


Forest Fire Management:

" The activities concerned with the protection of people, property, and forest areas from wildfire and the use of prescribed burning for the attainment of forest management and land management goals and objectives, all conducted in a manner that considers environmental, social and economic criteria. "

Fire has a natural role in the health of Canada's Boreal forest. Canadian Fire Management Agencies recognize the environmental role of fire and take a "Managed" approach to wildland fire. Fires which occur in remote areas, with no or little timber or aesthetic values, or wildfires that occur in an area where fire will benefit the local ecosystem, the Fire Management Organization may limit action to key areas of value.

Prescribed Fire refers to fire which is either set or allowed to burn under set conditions to achieve forest management objectives.

The response to wildland fire is made based on an understanding of the environmental, social and economic impacts expected for that particular fire.

Firefighter safety is a primary component of the SP-103 course content. The SP-103 Certificate tells the Fire Department that the holder has received sufficient instruction and skills training to function safely and effectively on the fireline.

To earn the SP-103 certificate, students must attend all classes. To ensure all students receive adequate instruction, lateness or inattention will not be accepted.


I expect you to:

  • Attend all classes
  • Be on time
  • Listen
  • Participate
  • Always be aware of your own and your co-worker's personal safety.